Insurance Market Intelligence is a web-based resource for insurance agents (nationally) that are actively writing policies with coastal/hurricane exposures (TX to NY). We provide our members and subscribers with real-time market conditions and market insight/changes as well as provide educational content regarding available products and services that would benefit their agency and clients.

Our annual sponsors are showcased on our Premium Directory and robustly displayed throughout our website as well as being listed as a premium sponsor on e-newsletters that reaches our audience, which equates to roughly 1,000,000 views.

With over 15,000 insurance agents nationwide and over 60,000 email recipients, IMI offers our sponsors a dynamic marketing medium within the insurance industry.

  • Annual Sponsorship -  $5,000 per year
  • E-Marketing (60,000+ Insurance Agents)
    • $1,000 for single eblast
    • $2,500 for 3 eblasts
    • $7,500 for 12 eblasts


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